My Computer Chess Page

Not much here yet, but I will be putting up files and information related to my chess program SKUNK from my old Atari days.  Meanwhile, here are some links for you to check out.

Jim Ablett's colossal archive (Also available on Kirill Kryukov's website)

You can download some new Android builds directly from Jim Ablett's website.

Some other links of interest:

Chess Programming Wiki:  One of the most comprehensive sites on computer chess I have ever come across.  LOTS of information on programs, people, programming techniques, ratings lists, you name it.

ICGA (International Computer Games Association (formerly ICCA - International Computer Chess Association)

Organizations for over-the-board players:

FIDE (World Chess Federation)  THE 800-pound gorilla of chess organizations.

There is another World Chess Federation, but last time I checked, outside of a few recent news items, I haven't found any current information on the site. (UPDATE 15DEC2016: I just checked this URL and it now redirects to the World Chess Hall of Fame

USCF (The United States Chess Federation)  This is the main governing body for chess in the United States.

More to follow....